Get an Estimate

A brief but thorough description of your project and goals will help me provide an accurate estimate. I will confirm receipt of your inquiry as soon as possible and will usually respond with an estimate within one business day.


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To get an estimate for an editing project, e-mail me at editor AT  kimberlykinchen DOT com with a description of the project, the file to be edited (PDF preferred), the level of editing you need, the number of rounds (one, two, or three), and your timeline. Please note if you speak or write in English as a second language (ESL).

Levels of editing

Light copyediting: Review for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and for standard usage and consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization.

Medium copyediting: Light copyediting plus pointing out opportunities to refine usage or improve clarity, and querying factual inconsistencies (but not fact checking), and, for academic clients, checking references, tables, and appendices. ESL projects tend to require medium or heavy copyediting.

Heavy copyediting: Medium copyediting plus providing suggestions for revising wordy, unclear, or otherwise awkward phrasing, pointing out faulty organization or gaps in logic or flow, and verifying and correcting any facts that are incorrect.

Developmental or line editing: Heavy copyediting plus rewriting unclear, convoluted language, and providing suggestions for revising organization, logic, and flow. You can learn more about the differences between copyediting and line editing here.

It’s fine to send a version in progress to get an estimate, so long as it is not substantially different from the actual version you will send me for editing. I treat all materials you send me as confidential and will not share them without your permission.

Please include the file (PDF preferred) as an attachment to your e-mail. If you have trouble sending large files via e-mail, I recommend uploading to Dropbox and sharing via a link in your e-mail.


To get an estimate for a writing project, e-mail me at editor AT  kimberlykinchen DOT com with a description of the project scope, approximate word count, and deadlines. If you have examples of similar past projects that reflect your goals, please provide them. It’s also helpful to note what kind of background information you will provide, whether I’ll need to interview sources, or whether I will need to conduct other original research, particularly for longer projects.


Projects for new clients and all projects with estimates over $1,000 require a 30 percent deposit due upon contracting. (A smaller deposit may be required for individual academic clients with projects under $1,000, and may be waived for returning clients on a case-by-case basis.) Large projects or those involving multiple rounds, including most writing projects, may require partial payment at each round or at designated milestones. The balance of payment is due when I deliver the completed project to you. Payments 30 days or more past due are subject to late fees.

PAYMENT METHODS: Check or postal money order, wire transfer, or Popmoney.