About Me

From May 2008 to November 2014, I was the managing editor for Columbia Ideas at Work, where I oversaw production of print, web, and electronic editions of the magazine. Much of my job involved writing and editing, translating some intense business and finance research into plain English aimed at quickly identifying practical takeaways for business leaders and policy makers. Often challenging, always interesting! You can read a couple of my favorite articles here and here.

I got my start as a freelance editor while I was in college, copyediting and proofreading medical research for ESL doctors based in Japan. I worked in the arts and nonprofit worlds for several years, often in communications roles, before earning my masters degree from Columbia Journalism School. You can learn more about my professional background here.

I currently write for the Business Network at PeopleForBikes, helping the bicycle industry’s national advocacy organization make the business and economic case for bicycling.

When I’m not working, I’m probably planning a bike ride, or riding one of my bikes to run errands or for fresh air and relaxation, or advocating for Complete Streets. In 2011 I co-founded NYC Biketrain, a community-based bike commute service that helps newer cyclists gain skills and confidence, led by volunteer “conductors” — friendly, experienced urban bike commuters who model safe, legal bicycling. The project inspired commuter biketrain groups in Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Diego.

In early 2015, after a long stint in NYC, I returned to Seattle. I live on Capitol Hill with my partner, Rod, our two cats, and six bicycles.